Why Sell With Us?

Kingdom Property Group - a positive point of difference!

A highly respected real estate trainer once made the following point:-

To the public at large, real estate companies and real estate agents look virtually identical. He showed a slide of a herd of zebra crowded around a waterhole and asked the audience if they could distinguish anything remarkable about any single zebra. Of course they could not - each zebra was white with black stripes; at a casual glance they all looked exactly the same!

His point was that to the public, real estate agents look very much like a herd of zebra. They all appear the same.

They seem to offer the same services, at roughly the same price, they all claim to be the best at what they do!

So if all real estate agents appear the same, how does someone wishing to sell a property know which one to choose?

The following are some factors we believe that set Kingdom Property Group Pty Ltd apart from the crowd:-

1. We are committed to utilising the latest technologies available to get your property sold. The days of people looking in real estate agency windows for their next home are all but gone. AT Kingdom, we make the most effective use possible of the Internet and other new technologies to attract more buyers to your property.

2. We are poised and ready to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. With technological advances and innovations occurring almost by the hour, what is ground-breaking today will be old news tomorrow. At Kingdom, we have the vision, people and resources to ensure we are always at the forefront of technological innovation. We will constantly strive to ensure more people have the chance to learn about your property so they can put it on their "shopping list" of properties that interest them. The more people who know your property is for sale, the quicker it will be sold for a premium price!

3. In consultation with you, we will market your property more effectively at a much lower cost. Some companies ask their Sellers to spend many thousands dollars in advertising campaigns. Kingdom Property Group stay on top of the wave with new technologies, spreading your advertising dollars efficiently through effective web portals, as well as offering you the opportunity to promote your property at a reasonable price in print media.  Marketing is about attracting as many buyers as possible in the shortest time frame. Our commitment to you is this; We will work to achieve the best price possible for your property at a marketing budget to suit your needs. 

4. Our people are the best available. We have some of the best people in real estate working for you. From Queensland's Number One auctioneer, to sales consultants who have moved hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate during their career, our team is second to none. If you want experience, knowledge and advanced negotiation skills working for you, you cannot go past Kingdom Property Group.

5. We offer superior communication and feedback. Our aim is to ensure you never have to ask what is happening with the sale of your property. Our agents believe in good old fashioned service.  They keep you up to date with the latest developments concerning the sale of your property at all times by  phone,  email, good old-fashioned letter and a text where necessary.   We will use all means available to keep you fully informed about the sale of your property.

After you have experienced the Kingdom Property Group difference, we are confident you will no longer feel every agent is the same!!