Company Profile

A REAL ESTATE revolution is under way!!

KINGDOM Property Group Pty Ltd is a boutique real estate company going big places, quickly!!

The company's aim is to establish a share in Australia's congested real estate industry by offering a unique system of marketing and selling property.

From its inception, the group decided to discard many of the old-fashioned and expensive ways of selling real estate that are no longer necessary in today"s high-tech world. Instead, Kingdom Property Group offers property owners the latest in marketing innovations via the internet and new technologies.

The company's founders believe the real estate industry in Australia has become bogged down in a multi-layered franchise system that is simply not cost-effective or sustainable in today"s challenging global economy.

"For corporations to thrive and succeed in today's fast-paced technological era, they must be at the cutting edge of innovation and advancement, not relying on systems and practices that may have worked once, but are now outdated and expensive," according to Kingdom Managing Director, Peter Watson.

Mr Watson should know. In the past few years, he successfully co-founded and developed a new company, that turned the bloodstock (thoroughbred) industry on its head by the use of new technologies.

That company was later sold to Australia's largest bloodstock company William Inglis & Son Ltd.

Now that he has turned his attention back to the real estate industry, Mr Watson said he is highly confident of achieving an equivalent or greater success with Kingdom Property Group.

"Property sellers spend billions of dollars annually on advertising that simply does not work," he explained.

"This is just one of the ways billions of dollars are squandered in the real estate industry. The sad truth is that it is the property owner who ends up footing the bill for this unnecessary waste of money. Our focus is on delivering far superior levels of service and results for property sellers, but eliminating unnecessary and expensive overheads at the same time. This will allow us to provide a real estate service that is as affordable as it is effective."