About Us

Kingdom Property Group is a new and vibrant company driving change in the local real estate industry. Powered by a team at the cutting edge of new systems and technologies, our sales agents are better equipped and better positioned to achieve outstanding results for their vendors - regardless of market conditions!

AT Kingdom Property Group, we believe it is important that our valued customers and clients know what our company stands for. Kingdom is built on a foundation of four key pillars, as follows:-

1. Integrity: No business can expect to succeed in the long term unless it adheres to the highest standards of integrity. At Kingdom Property Group, we demand strict adherence to the following principles from every single person involved with our company:

a. Honesty

b. Trustworthiness

c. Reliability

d. Ethical behaviour before financial gain

e. Putting the client's interests before our own

You can feel secure in knowing that your sales agent understands and practices the company's commitment to these principles.

2. Excellence: The heart of Kingdom Property Group is a "Spirit of Excellence". We are committed to this principle, starting from the smallest detail and permeating every level of our company. We want you, our valued client, to know that your agent will be committed to delivering an excellent experience to you in every part of the selling process.

3. Confidence: To sell successfully, it is crucial that someone believes in the product or service they are marketing. Our people are among the best in the industry. We have champions in their field and representatives with impeccable track records from the corporate world, real estate and marketing. Your agent is someone with the confidence and skills to achieve the result you are seeking - a premium price in the shortest time possible.

4. Success: We can only be successful if we help to make our valued customers and clients successful. By choosing Kingdom Property Group as your company and agent of choice, you are entering into a partnership with someone who deeply desires to contribute to your success in life. We are committed to ensuring that this transaction is win-win. You win by receiving the finest service, commitment and price; we win by having the satisfaction of delivering that experience to you.


Let Kingdom Property Group's Four Pillars raise you to a new level of satisfaction, prosperity and reward.